General Questions

Our system does not support shared rides. All our rides are private.

Our prices are a flat fee per car not based on the number of persons.

If you are exiting the arrivals hall at the airport its a matter of a few minutes before you are on your way to your destination. If, however, you are calling from within the city, you will need to allow for the nearest available bus to reach you.

The short answer is NO.

However, and only if you have called from inside the city and are heading to the airport (or elsewhere) you have to board the waiting bus within 10 minutes. After this period we will begin to charge you waiting time.

- 30 minutes extra : 30 Pounds

- 60 minutes extra: 50 Pounds

24/7... We are at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You can find most of the main hotels inside Cairo in the Booking / Search form. If your hotel is not listed can contact us through our Hot Line 19970 or through Chat Room.

Our bus takes you right to the hotels main entrance.

Our service is available to any destination of your choice in Egypt.

Yes, all prices for Shuttle reservations are in Egyptian Pounds.

Yes, prices include all taxes and any other fees.

It depended on Drive Starting Point as following :

From Airport, No additional / Change in Prices

BUT, From home the price will change / additional Prices ( from 04:00 AM till 08:00 AM Daily ) Please check reservation form.

Yes we accept payment in these currencies. (According to revealed Exchange Rates).

Yes you can make your reservations via our website and pay online or you can use your credit card to pay at our head office Location or at any of our desks at the airport Terminals

You will see our reservation counter inside every arrival hall . Just look for Cairo Airport Travel office after you exit customs. Our representative at our offices will take you to our Vehicle . which will be waiting for you outside the arrival hall.

Yes. Our buses will take you anywhere in Egypt and back if needed . Also, we can arrange any tourism trips with tour guide and whatever Tourism Services you need inside Egypt in coordinating with our tourism department.

The fee for waiting time is as follows:

- First 30 minutes: FREE

- 30 Pounds / Per 30 minutes extra.

- 50 Pounds / Per 60 minutes extra.

Yes we can provide tour guide and everything you need related to tourism services. As we are an full tourism services company.

Please visit our Tourism Services web site or Visit or Meet& Assist Service website or Call Us On +2 19970 or Email us or To Chat us